Make a Robotic Hand with Wireless Controlled - nRF24L01

Make a low cost robotic hand with wireless controlled (using nRF24L01)
In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a robotic hand. And how to controlled it via wireless.  We will control 5 servo motor using with 5 pcs flex sensor.  Also we will controlled robotic hand using with nRF24L01. This video shows the low-cost "robotic hand" construction. You can get excellent results with better flex sensors and servo motors.
Created the flex sensors myself. Watch the flex sensor tutorial:
You can watch this tutorial for library installing and possible problems:
Hardware Required:
Arduino Board - nRF24L01 - nRF24L01 Adapter - Flex Sensor - Servo Motor - Steel Coin Spring - Glove - F to F Jumper - M to M Jumper - Breadboard - htt…

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